PEIJet 1010 "Natural" (1.75 mm, 0.5 kg)

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PEIJet 1010 is an PEI/Ultem-based engineering grade material used in various fields from automotive and electronics to energy and medical. It hardly gets more industrial than our PEIJet.

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PEIJet 1010 is an Ultem-based material usually used in various fields from the automotive and electronics industry to energy or medical production.

It offers a lot of great features to replace conventional materials and to simplify time-consuming processes:

- heat-resistant (more than 200°C)
- thermal stable
- flame retardant UL94 and 5VA ratings
- extremely strong and durable
- high flexural modulus

Please follow the settings and recommendations down below (also see the technical datasheet or product specifications) to avoid any damages (to the material itself, your printer or its components).

PEIJet 1010 is a material for advanced and skilled makers and rather industrial printers with specific printing options. It is extremely susceptible to moisture and it can easily absorb water even from the air which can affect the strength of the final print. It is necessary to dry the material preferably at 120 ° C before each use (in case of doubts - the spool is able to handle the heat as well). If you dry it properly, the resulting object may be equivalent in strength to, for example, an aluminium part.

For printing, it is necessary to apply special glue to the mat, for a perfect first layer we recommend to apply the glue in three layers.

It is also necessary to use a printer with a closed chamber heated to at least 70° C.

After it's printed, the material shrinks as the chamber gradually cool and, due to its strength, is able to tear the pad, so be sure to move the printout away as quickly as possible.

More Information
Brand Filament PM
Material PEI
Dominant Color Natural
Color label Natural
Special Powers Industrial, Transparent
Effective Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Amount 500 g
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